The Soft Mountain EP

by Br'er



released August 7, 2010



all rights reserved


Br'er Washington, D.C.

Br'er initially began as the solo recording project of Philadelphia native Benjamin Schurr as a means of completing several unfinished songs. From these meager beginnings Br'er quickly became its own entity, growing into an ever shifting lineup of musicians culled from across the Philadelphia area to help bring Schurr's dense experimental pop compositions to life. ... more

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Track Name: Whitewash
you threw my creed around me with large hooks to hold me down
and as I'd lie humiliated through forceful "love" you found
and entrance to the milky wasp who's hive I'd lied my days inside
stuck with wax and honey and blood
the taunting tongue of Anglo blood
would wrap it's way around my neck
swelling up inside my lungs
the dreams and guilt would coat my throat with reckless abandon
i felt myself inside your degradation
and through a narrow hallway your ghost creeps upon my room
with open arms and matching legs i wait
doll me up in fantasies my body can't provide
my heart will have to lie alone tonight
and in our bed he entered you as i would lie beside you
i don't blame you, i could not protect you
for my will was weakened by my fickle beating heart
fostered out of disregard and hate
Track Name: Crocus
A past that preys on day by day
history you can't erase
nipping at your weathered heels
manifests while truth conceals
that your fed on doubt while fear resumes
youth lays rest in barren rooms
as your men would climb your halls
their memories line your cervical walls
you left the bond you made in him
in truck stop bathrooms of porcelain
and as my dreams came pouring out
the sting of my honesty swelled shut your mouth
I'm just a means to an end
and i would lay inside a lie
so exploit all my weaknesses
and miss me on weekends
I'll burn all my bridges to cure indecision
and although it disgusts me I'd stay close so you'd trust me
maybe eventually love me
Track Name: Have Mercy On My Soul
Tie my hands behind my knees
and save me from my greed
for it tricks me, with vacant holes disguised as a dummy love
it persuades me
and it saves me
next it blames me
then it leaves me
it's my greed
fill your home with my essence, convince me (your my everything)
fill your heart with my essence, just trick me (I'll never leave you)
fill your head with my essence, say that you need me (i love you)
fill your bed with my essence, lie to me (I'm weak)
fill your throat with my essence, persuade me (i need you)
fill your legs with my essence, and say that you love me (i love you)
It's my greed
and it goes, and it goes and it goes and it takes you over
i could never help myself, oh no
Have Mercy on my soul
god save my soul
Track Name: Why I Deserve To Die Alone/Loss
Why I Deserve To Die Alone:
I'd severe ties for your indifference
I'd write verse as insolence
I'd love you in confidence
I'd Deny myself the truth
love is a memory lust is real
with legs that beg for your embrace
lips lure my tongue like a moth to a flame
I'd do anything for you

The only impression that you left was loss
nothing new unique or profound, just loss
i could wax poetic about the heavenly ring of your namesake
but it'd just fall upon deaf ears and be lost
and i have been within your skin and have lost
my sense of decency and strength, they're now lost
the "feigning disinterest" in time will be lost
the days and weeks of mine that i wait are now lost
so I'll sing a tune of indifference for loss
nothing new unique or profound it's still loss
so I'll syphon the good from the bad and see whats lost
the more that i utter this word the feeling will be lost