Dozen Dream Digital 7inch

by Br'er



released June 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Br'er Washington, D.C.

Br'er initially began as the solo recording project of Philadelphia native Benjamin Schurr as a means of completing several unfinished songs. From these meager beginnings Br'er quickly became its own entity, growing into an ever shifting lineup of musicians culled from across the Philadelphia area to help bring Schurr's dense experimental pop compositions to life. ... more

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Track Name: Dozen Dream
Your stylized pale ink stained eyes
tear floors in pearl drop blotches
this dozen dream exudes obscene gesture dressed up in drag
oozing memories of love
blind mute and numb desires never become
fufilled up while never standing up for your selfish
views of love would burst and erupt, distort and corrupt
while lust turns your heart into dust

Perhaps it's me and the lies i lead
heart, body and fickle foolish mind to believe
that in this life self denial kills strife
and it's safer for all involved to hide from the light
Shown through my inner martyr, glowing from black grey embers
that comes from the stream of the dozen dream
which polluted my soul, pride and diginity

In this dream i could save you
In this dream your worth saving

So don't hold onto me for i barley believe
just aware and confused from all events that have ensued
stay calm and move although hollow and used
to feeling numb from all the years of abuse
in this dream i could save you
in this dream your worth saving.
Track Name: Empathy
Keep moving or you will drown

The embers of the emptiness you thrust in me that day
still glow a thick grey smoke that fills my lungs every time i say

Get out of me
I want you (I'm sorry)

And there is no relief, No justice
in the horrors of my days
You live your life as if nothing happened
going on your selfish ways
you took what wasn't yours to take
and polluted the clear blue stream
that flowed a pace so gentle, now red
it pours out from me

You have wronged the one i love and i will track you down and kill you.